‘Terra Nova’ to be Resurrected by Netflix?

Terra Nova…..brings back the splendid memories of Comic-Con 2011.  I first saw the premier there and fell head over heels in love with it the moment I laid eyes upon the miraculous display of theLOST-Stargate-JurrasicParkcreation. And as the season came to an end, I found myself weeping in a corner not wanting it to be over. But alas, a new season would be starting in a few short months and my life would once again be complete.

Until, however, when I got a strange text message from none other than Mr. Editor-in-Chief himself, Luke Gallagher. What it said simply was, “Not to make your day any worse but Terra Nova got cancelled.” Great. Kill me now. My life is ruined. I spent the next few days sulking and Luke trying to console me with lost hope of another network picking it up. Damn you Fox.

But, Ah-Hah….Hope has come back in full force with sugar plums dancing in my head as Netflix comes to the rescue…maybe. But I like the chances. So who’s with me? Do you want to see Terra Nova brought back even if it on Netflix? Would you pay the extra mullah a month and get Netflix if you don’t already have it just to watch Terra Nova? If you answered NO to any of these questions then I don’t want to hear from you. Otherwise, feel free to discuss below. DIE-HARD Terra Nova Fans only, please and thank you.

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