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Thank you internet, thank you. If you haven’t figured it out yet these images take quotes from Arrested Development and combine them with screencaps from Game of Thrones. It’s Arrested Westeros. View many, many more on their site. Like Daenerys burning down the banana stand. Didn’t she realize there’s always money in the banana stand! (io9)


Who knew Darth Vader had such great form under those robes? (Fashionably Geek)


This is most realistic Iron Man cosplay I’ve ever seen! Just admire the attention to detail. (Reddit)


Hey guys, check out this awesome Avengers t-shirt I picked up on my travels abroad! I can’t wait to where it opening night. (Reddit)


Show her you care guys, come home with a bouquet of Doritos and a few chilled cans of Mountain Dew then her leave her alone so she can take back Earth. Don’t worry, she’ll find a way to say thanks. (Nerd Approved)


Batman and Robin running away from things is the newest, greatest gif-tastic meme to be sweeping the interwebs. There are already dozens upon dozens of gifs with them running away from everything from these classic movie monsters to Heath Ledger’s Joker to Cary Grant in North by Northwest. Check ’em all out on Tumblr. (Comics Alliance)


So you like gifs, huh? Well have you ever taken to the time to learns about how these amazing little animated gems came to be? PBS explains the history of gifs in this short video and it’s a fascinating watch. Who knew these silly little things could be an art form? (Laughing Squid)

So Star Wars Kinect is going to have a lot of different gameplay options. We’ve already seen the sexy slave girls dancing in Jabba’s Palace, but they’re not the only ones dancing. Check out the video of the Stormtroopers shaking their thing and then try and explain to be why the middle one’s crotch keeps lighting up with encouragement? I’m scared. (Nerd Approved)

Angry Black Nerd is back with another frickin’ hysterical nerd rant. This time he’s ranting about a movie we’ve been hearing so much buzz about it must be happening, right? Right!? Ghostbusters 3 gets the Black Nerd Comedy treatment, can it survive? Uh, no. But we’ll be better for it in the long run.

Are you sick and tired of hearing about Community? Well, too bad! The show returns on March 15th and in the frenzied buildup fans are created these awesome trailer mashups and we simply can’t get enough. This one finds Greendale’s greatest thrust into Ridley Scott’s upcoming, Prometheus. And yes, of course they’ve included shots of Abed in his alien costume.(Nerdist)


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