Stephen Lang Ready to Slap A Bitch About ‘Terra Nova’ Cancellation

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The news earlier this week that Terra Nova won’t see a second season (on FOX anyway) was one of those surprising, unsurprising things. On the one hand, Terra Nova was one of the most watched new series of the 11/12 TV season, but on the other it is wicked expensive to make and requires a huge lead time in order to get the large amount of visual effects an episode needs completed.

But you know who isn’t buying that crap? Stephen Lang. The actor who played the mysterious and enigmatic Commander Taylor is lashing out (via Deadline) about the short-sightedness of FOX, because they really missed the boat. How badly did they miss the boat? Well let’s put it this way: if FOX ran NASA, there would have been no Hubble telescope!

Wait. What?

“Terra Nova is analogous to the Hubble Space Telescope. Within weeks of a much-publicized and ballyhooed launch in 1990, the Hubble was found to have a serious flaw. Yet even with an improperly ground mirror the Hubble delivered extraordinary images,” he said. “When the flaw was corrected the Hubble delivered images of transcendent beauty and value for many years. So too Terra Nova. Even in it’s flawed first season each episode was full of marvelous moments and beautiful images. With correction, and given the chance, Terra Nova can and will deliver seasons of transcendent images and storytelling.”

Okay, so he’s saying that there was a lot of potential in the series. Well,  a lot of critics might agree citing the season (series?) finale as a highlight of where the series could go next, and they are capable of getting their act together to make a good show (the entirety of the first 11 episodes notwithstanding).

“Failing to renew Terra Nova is shortsighted, as myopic as it would have been to scrap the Hubble,” he said. “Terra Nova is the Hubble telescope of television.”

That might be a bit much assuming that Terra Nova is capable of gleaming insight into the nature of the universe. Considering that the last time showrunner Brannon Braga went into space he helped crap out Star Trek: Voyager and Enterprise, maybe it’s for the best that Terra Nova ends here and now.

In other news, fans are taking the cancellation of Terra Nova as a good sign for Fringe and Alcatraz. Despite their lower than Terra Nova ratings, they’re still cheaper and easier to produce.

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