We may all know him from his gig as “Spider-Man”, but Tobey Maguire , after a large amount of time out of the spotlight, returns to film. Don’t string your hopes up too high, his next project will not have him playing a superhero or in front of the camera. Tobey Maguire and his production company Material Pictures are set to produce a unique young adult sci-fi film titled The 5th Wave with GK Films.  The film is based off of author Rick Yancy’s trilogy of books, which is an Alien invasion novel with love at its core. Now while some of you may be rolling your eyes at the prospect of a movie that is half ‘Independence Day’  and half ‘ Twilight’, but take a listen to the possible plot for the film.

“When the human race is on the verge of extinction, one of the last survivors on Earth, an extraordinary teenage girl, goes on a mission to track down her younger brother who was abducted by the extra-terrestial creatures colonizing the planet. She is forced to align herself with a young man who holds a secret. Together they are they only ones to save mankind.”

If you are on the fence about this, then you are not alone. This film is directed towards a young adult audience, but we can hope that Tobey Maguire and the creative team he is working with can manage to make this as lactose intolerant as possible because if there is one thing sci-fi movie fans will not stand for is another cheesy story line with actors to match.

Aside from that, there is no word yet on who will feature in the film or when it is green-lit for filming. Even though it seems that today’s film is geared toward the “Twilight” sci-fi/lovey-dovey era, do you think this film has merit or will it bust before it hits theaters?

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