I think we can safely say we all saw the big surprise at the end of the latest episode of The Walking Dead coming from miles away. We’d been waiting for it since the series began and it had been spoiled multiple times online from multiple sources. So, were you shocked? Were you able to not be spoiled ahead of time?

Even if you knew what was coming, what did you think of it? Sound off in the comments. But I’ll warn you, if you want to remain pure and unspoiled about the finale make sure you jump directly to bottom of the page. Below the cut we’re gonna be dropping more rumors about what’s still to come from The Walking Dead‘s finale. Proceed with caution.

First off, I’m gonna throw out what I thought of the latest Walking Dead. COP OUT!! I’m holding to what I said when I first read the spoilers online, they took what was an incredibly shocking and character defining moment and made it predictable and lame. For the record, the comics have the final Rick/Shane confrontation end with Carl happening upon the two, seeing Shane pointing a gun at Rick, and ends with Carl shooting Shane to protect his father. Yeah, that’s kind of what happened in the TV episode, but with a lot of the emotional punch drained out of it. Now Rick stabs Shane and Carl is there to protect his dad from zombie Shane. I felt like AMC was uneasy about showing a young boy kill a grown man and if they’re pulling back from that they’ve got a hell of a job ahead of them. That scene is only the tip of the iceberg for crazy shit Carl does in The Walking Dead.

And I know I should expect the television series to differ from the comics, but I’m telling ya, that moment defines Carl for so much of the comic I was sad to see it twisted into the campy ending it was.

Now, I didn’t hate all of it. For as stupid as I thought the changes were I thought Andrew Lincoln‘s performance was astounding. I particularly loved his expressions when he’s staring down Shane while he’s making his argument for why he’s going to kill Rick. Lincoln’s face eerily reminded me of looks I’ve seen Rick give in the comic and it gave me chills. Seriously, nice work. And I’ll be interested to see how they develop Rick and Carl’s relationship from here on out. They seemed to imply Carl was at first pointing his gun at his dad, again something that didn’t occur in the comic, and I can only wonder how it will strain they’re already struggling father/son relationship.

But back to zombie Shane, here’s a video of the cast discussing their reactions to episode’s ending,

Y’know? I think I heard more from T-Dog in this behind-the-scenes clip than I have from the entirety of the series. Token black character much?

And in talking with Entertainment Weekly, actor Jon Bernthal finally reveals all the details behind his departure and what it was like to be zombified,

On Playing A Zombie In The Last Few Moments Of His Time On The Walking Dead: 

You know, man, it was crazy. I didn’t even realize that I was playing a zombie until I was playing it. There was a lot of discussion going back and forth, a lot of arguing going back and forth on what that last scene actually should be — between myself and Andy and the writers. And everybody kind of got their own little say in what that last scene actually was. But then at the very end I realized, now you gotta go play a zombie! I never even thought about that. Then all of a sudden I’ve got these contacts on, I can’t see anything, and I’m a zombie. And I’m like, “I don’t know how to do this! What do you do?” I tried to convince Greg Nicotero to let me be the only zombie with a speaking line, like, “Riiiiiick.” But he didn’t go for it.

On Shooting His Emotional Exit:

We shot that scene all night long. And the entire cast came out and spent the entire night out on that field to be there for the last scene, and Jeff DeMunn [who played the recently deceased Dale] actually had been gone. He lives on a farm in upstate New York, and he had flown down and surprised me to be there for my last scene, which just touched me. And like I said, there was a lot of feeling about the last scene. The writers wanted it to be one way, the actors wanted it one way, the producers wanted it to be another way, I think everybody just sort of had their idea of what that scene should be, and it was just Andy and I in the woods walking out together, and Andy and I turned to each other and said, “You know what, man, this is you and me. Let’s do this for you and me.” I can’t imagine a better actor, a better partner, to do this with, and it’s been the honor of my acting career to act alongside Andrew Lincoln. He’s my brother, he’s my best friend that I’ve made in the acting world, and to go out the way I did and go out with who I did — it was, and still is, very emotional.

On Whether He Think Shane Got What He Deserved:

I think so. And I think that no matter what, somebody was going to die that night. And Shane really did set out that night to kill Rick, and through the conversation, by the end of the scene, he just knew one of them needed to die. I do think he did the right thing.

On Whether He Asked To Be Written Out After The Firing Of Frank Darabont:

You know, no. I did not. This was always the plan. This was always the plan that this was going to do down this way. [However] when Frank left, there were some discussions that it was going to go a different way. One of the things I was really, really looking forward to is Frank always said he was going to write and direct our last scene — the last scene Andy and I would play together. And I’ll be honest: It brought all those feelings back up, because at the end of the day, this thing started with Andy, Frank, and I. Frank continues, I know, to live in Andy’s heart, as he does in mine, and I think that he was sort of there in that last scene. The fact that now I get to go work with him again [on TNT’s upcoming L.A. Noir] is something I’m just tremendously excited about.

Okay, how about some rumor and speculation about the finale, hmm? First, AMC has released a few promo images for the episode,

And, another teaser,

Dude, Hershel is a badass. I can’t wait to see him fuck up some zombies. In fact, this episode looks like it’ll be an excellent one for zombie killin’.

All right, and here it is, a proposed plot synopsis for the finale. Obviously this is all just speculation and rumor, but let’s remember how dead on (hehe, yeah, pun intended) the rumor of Shane’s death was.

Shot opens in Atlanta: a group of walkers are feasting on what looks like Rick’s horse, or what’s left of it, when they’re startled by the sound of a helicopter flying overhead. The horde migrates over several days, weeks, a great distance, and eventually comes to a fence. The fence bows and breaks under the relentless forward motion of the walkers. The herd presses on. Wandering aimlessly in the forest, the walkers turn as a gunshot goes off like a beacon, leading them to dinner. Soon they are closing in on Rick and Carl, as they leave the scene of Shane’s murder.

Daryl and Glenn arrive back at the farmhouse. They explain that they heard a gunshot, and share their confounding findings about Randall. As they walk back to the house, Carl asks Rick about what happened to Shane. Soon after, they notice the walkers bearing down on them, and it’s not long before they are overtaken and have to make a run for the barn. Back at the house, the rest of the survivors are just figuring out that Carl is missing and walkers are approaching. Lori is panicking. Hershel passes out the guns.

This is only about the first 10%, but if you really want to know what’s happening this Sunday at 9pm before everyone else (or at least what we think will be happening) jump over to Spoiler TV for the whole thing.

Even I’m trying to stay a little unspoiled about the episode but I did glance through the summary and something at the very end caught my eye. Guess where we’re going in season three!??!?!! Hint, it should make fans of the comic very, very happy. Unless they screw it up and make us purists angry, which is probably what will happen.

Please limit your comments to discussing only aired episodes of The Walking Dead, not the finale, thanks!

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