Fans  of Avatar: The Last Airbender have been eagerly awaiting for it’s spin-off series, The Legend of Korra, to hit the boob-tube. Nickelodeon has been telling us it would  be released some time in the summer or even early fall. Since that’s too damn long to wait,  an announcement was made earlier today on the Korra Tumblr page which surprised everyone. Fans now have less then one month before the newly titled Legend of Korra hits television sets. The premier is schedule for Saturday, April 14th at 11am. Mark your calendar.

Set 70 years after the events of the previous series, this new series follows waterbender Korra, the Avatar after Aang.

Aang, and his descendants, with still play an integral part in the training of Korra as she battles the evil Oman and his league of anti-benders.

I just hope this incarnation offers the same great story telling and thematic elements (no pun indented) as it’s predecessor.

Oi! April can’t come soon enough.  Until then, here’s a new trailer to tide us over,  courtesy of The Wall Street Journal.

Source: The Mary Sue, The Wall Street Journal

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