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ABOVE: Maybe it’s just the fishnets, but it makes me think of Black Canary dressing up as Deadpool, which is so mind-bending and universe crossing it hurts my head. This Lady Deadpool cosplay was photographed by LJinto, for more photos check out Fashionably Geek.

Ladies, know what also goes great with fishnets? This NES controller shirt dress. Bonus points for pockets! Grab a custom design on Etsy. (Fashionably Geek)

I don’t know, this might also go with fishnets. Can’t say this Poke-bra looks very comfortable though, being made of beads and all. Check out more of the strangest Pokemon-inspired products over at Buzzfeed where they’re featuring a collection. Pikachu menstrual pad? Yeah, they’ve got one.

Wake up every morning feeling like a Jedi, or at least a disgruntled Star Wars, which might be how you already wake up. But this Throwable Jedi Training Alarm Clock might make you mornings more fun. To turn off the alarm, modeled after the training droid Obi-Wan uses to teach Luke in Episode IV, you throw it against a wall! Start each day with a force push (throw?) and you can never go wrong. The clock is set to release in April or May. (Nerd Approved)

As a survivor of many a Mario Party that got out of hand I can attest to their dangers. Be careful who you invite to a Mario Party, you must have a strong friendship in order to still be on speaking terms afterwards. Let’s just say things tend to get intense. (Dorkly)

This is one devoted cosplayer. Guys, that aint’ digital fire, that be REAL flames she’s holding there.  This amazing Dark Phoenix is being cosplayed by Miracole Burns with photography by BGZ Studios. Jump to Fashionably Geek for more photos as well as video showing off how they achieved that fiery trick.

Anyone who’s played Left 4 Dead knows this terrifying lady, the Witch. Seen her cosplayed by KasuzameYuu and photographed by JustMoolti. I think I’m relapses to all the times the Witch has killed everyone in party. Stupid Witch… (Fashionably Geek)


The Wampug strikes back! Chubbs the Pug is back in his super awesome Wampa costume, created by owner StarWarsChick01. In this video Chubbs acts out the Wampa’s famous scene. Included is an all new original ending! (io9)

Did you know Gene Wilder had a mini career as a rapper? Seriously, dude could pick up a sweet beat. Give a listen to secret remix you were never meant to hear! Okay, it’s actually thanks to  parody songwriter SrslySirius, but I’m sure in the original movie this how the final scene between Wonka, Grandpa Joe and Charlie was supposed to go down. (io9)

It’s a superhero dance party! From the 70s. From Brazil. Oh this is good. If you ever wanted to see skinny disco versions of your favorite heroes boogie down then this is the clip for you! Superhero dance party kicks off at about the :50 mark. (TDW: Geek)

As terribly bad as the superhero dance party is above, this TRON-inspired dance routine from Japan’s Wrecking Crew Orchestra is that amazing. They’re routine is highlighted, literally, by the LED suits their wearing which are remote controlled and perfectly timed to the beats. This is gonna be one of the really cool things you watch today, so definitely check it out. (Obvious Winner)

From the guy who brought you Jedi Kittens, FinalCutKing, comes Temple Run (In Real Life). And honestly, this ends exactly how I wish it could in the real game. (TDW: Geek)


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