‘Who’ News – Survival of the Ponds, and New Companion Revealed?

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For a while, we’ve assumed that the “heartbreaking” end of Rory and Amy Pond’s time in TARDIS has meant their deaths (or make that permanent death in Rory’s case). But hold up, showrunner Steven Moffat says. It might not be as bad as all that…

“Heartbreaking doesn’t mean unhappy,” Moffat says in a recent Blastr post. “Wait and see. I mean, it’s parting. It’s parting from someone, and that’s always very hard […] I don’t think the Doctor’s companions should die, I think that spoils the fairy tale a bit.”

It’s also worth pointing out that Moffat, unlike genre contemporaries such as Joss Whedon or J.J. Abrams has no affinity for killing folk:

“I’m not very good at killing people. I don’t like it! I didn’t even know that about myself until Russell [T Davies] pointed out that I’d written six episodes of Doctor Whofor him and I hadn’t killed anybody. Literally hadn’t killed anybody. No one dies in ‘The Empty Child,’ no one dies in ‘Girl in the Fireplace’ except the person who was dead already. I have killed a few, but … I haven’t killed any main characters.”

“But that doesn’t mean that I won’t, of course!”

Of course, we know where Amy Pond portrayer Karen Gillan sits on the “Kill Amy Pond, Don’t Kill Amy Pond” question, but is it possible that Moffat is trying to throw water on that fire? Hell, maybe he’s trying to throw napalm if it turns out that the Ponds do die. The seventh season of Doctor Who is currently shooting for a fall 2012 airing.

In the meantime, speculation continues as to who will succeed the Ponds as The Doctor’s right hand in adventures in time and space. And speaking of fire, it seems like Moffat’s choice is becoming clearer:

That’s Sophia Myles who portrayed Madame de Pompadour in Moffat’s classic series two  epsiode ”The Girl in the Fireplace.” Bleeding Cool (via Blastr) is spilling some beans as to the hows and whys they think that Myles is rejoining the Whoniverse:

Doctor Who is currently filming in Spain. Sophia Myles was complaining on Twitterover the weekend about her luggage as she is also in Spain.She was recently interviewed by Doctor Who Magazine star interviewer Benjamin Cook with no mention of when or in what context this interview will appear. The staff of Doctor Who Magazine do appear to know who the next companion will be but are keeping shtum.

Steven Moffat has been tweeting quite a lot to Sophia recently and heavily recommending that his followers follow her as well. They’ve been seeming quite pally of late.

Myles is scheduled to appear at the Doctor Who convention later this month. This would be the perfect time to announce her return to the show.

That’s all certainly compelling circumstantial evidence, but it might just mean that Myles is in Spain for a sunny vacation. But if she is coming back to Doctor Who keep in mind that Moffat has already said that the next companion will be a “new friend,” so Myles won’t be coming back as Madame de Pompadour. The idea isn’t unprecedented in the current Who run. Freema Agyeman appeared as a Torchwood operative at the end of series two before becoming Martha Jones, and Gillan had a small part in series four “The Fires of Pompeii” before putting on Amy Pond’s short skirt.

What make you of this Who news overload, Bastards? Sorry to see the Ponds go? Excited to have Myles back? Indifferent to everything except your St. Patty’s day plans? Sound off below.

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