Those poor Starks from the north. Not only do they live in the shittiest, coldest, most barren part of the Seven Kingdoms but they’re constantly at odds with everyone else. Lannisters. Arryns. Baratheons. Greyjoys. Even the one surviving Targaryen spits at the sound of their name. (At least they’re not Freys, amirite?)

And I guess we’ll add HBO to the list of Stark-haters because check out this new teaser poster for season two of Game of Thrones. It’s below the cut, ’cause, well, it’s extremely spoilery if you haven’t finished season one.

I know the north remembers, but HBO won’t let them forget. Come on, man, that wound’s still fresh!

In addition to this poster we’ve also got our first look at Jaqen H’ghar, played by Tom Wlaschiha in the series, a prisoner seen briefly at the end of season one when Arya joins up with the Night’s Watch recruits. Jaqen doesn’t play a huge role, but a rather a small yet pivotal role in Arya’s story.

Here’s a snippet of Wlaschiha talking about his mystery character from Access Hollywood,

At the beginning, Arya doesn’t trust him at all because he’s a convict, he’s being taken to The Wall as a prisoner and then something attracts her to him,” Tom told Access in a recent interview, hinting at his upcoming storyline. And the actor admitted he was intrigued by the part from the first time he saw a small brief about Jaqen on paper. “I said, ‘That’s really weird — a character who talks of himself in the third person,’” Tom recalled. “I had no idea what to make of this.

And here’s our first good look at him,

Game of Thrones returns to HBO April 1st. As you’d let yourself forget.

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