Director/writer Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, whose name sounds like it should be on the .99 cent menu at Taco Bell, has somehow managed to be aligned with – not 1 – but 3 unrealized Hollywood projects. Mr. Dillio (I know it’s supposed to be dillo, but dillio is so much more fun to say) was first attached to a big-feature adaptation of BioShock, based on the best-selling underwater, steampunk inspired video game. Then there was a reboot of The Crow, which could have starred Mark Wahlberg (*vomit*), Bradley Cooper (*facepalm*) or Channing Tatum (*da fuq*). Suffice to say, both these films got pulled from their respective studios. Thank jeebus about the latter film.

The only movie that seems to have fighting chance of being realized is the remake of Highlander – the film about an immortal swords man who decapitates his enemies and ignites a lighting storm or some shit.  While promoting his latest film, Intruders, at South by Southwest, Fresnadillo revealed it could be his next film and some more tidbits.

More on that later.

Right now, I want to share Mr. Dijeridu’s (hey, it’s not my fault Fresnadillo is such an unfortunate name) reason on why we haven’t seen that Bioshock movie yet.

The director spoke to Ain’t It Cool News at the film festival and first spoke about the film’s ridiculous expenses and his intention to make it R rated:

Bioshock is super complicated, it is a very high budget movie. Obviously, the studio doesn’t want to make a big budget movie with an R (rating). And it has to be an R.

He then talked about his vision of the movie, which is a little less expensive than what Gore Verbinski (previously attached creative) had in mind:

I would recommend to combine realism with good and special CGI. The most important thing is to make it feel like a real thing and I think you could do that with a good DP and a very real concept of the camera. That was something I proposed from the beginning, (for it) to work as an experience, you know? From the very beginning to the very end tracking the point of view of the hero of the story, going with him.

Not that anyone cares what I have to say, but I agree. A Bioshock movie HAS to be rated R. The game is pretty much a horror, thrill, and gore kind of game. Why would you water that down? With that said, I’m kind of glad a Biocock (typo, but I’m not changing it) movie was put on hold. I think its existing story can only work as a video game. Honestly, how the hell would you adapt such a lone-wolf, exploratory experience, huh?

Anyway, back to Highlander.

Fresnadillo…OOOOoooOOOooo told AICN that Highlander might be next on his plate and that he’d love to tweak with the original:

I think it’s about following the character. I would love, if we make the movie, to feel the immortality. Immortality is a curse and I would love to feel that. You are overcoming time, but you see at the same time that the most beautiful things, the things that you love, are dying and you continue this life as a tragedy. You can’t love with anyone because you’re going to lose that person.

I would love to introduce that flavor in a very strong way in the movie and at the same time the big connection with the Universe. “Why am I immortal? Why am I the chosen one?”

In that sense, the movie is an epic. I think it’s some kind of adventure romantic story about somebody who trying to share in his immortality with someone. I don’t want to reveal more than that, but there is a new revelation in the movie that is connecting with that in a very deep and strong way. If we make it, I hope you enjoy it!

So, basically he wants to make a film that lives up to Queen’s “Who Wants to Live Forever” from the original movie’s sound track. *shrugs shoulders* While I do not want to see a remake of the classic flick, his intentions are in the right place.

Source: Ain’t It Cool News

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