Batman Live, the multimillion-dollar arena stage show that kicked off a European tour in Manchester, England last summer, is finally making its way to the states. The show’s U.S. premiere is scheduled for this September in Anaheim, with stops in 8 other cities to follow.

Batman Live
‘s 42-person cast includes the Dark Knight and the Boy Wonder, naturally, as well as a villain lineup featuring The Joker, Catwoman, The Riddler, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and The Penguin.

Here’s the list of dates announced thus far:

Anaheim, CA — Sept. 5-9
St. Paul, MN — Sept. 13-16
San Jose, CA — Sept. 20-23
Los Angeles, CA — Sept. 27-30
Las Vegas, NV — Oct. 3-7
Oklahoma City, OK — Oct. 10-14
Rio Rancho, NM — Oct. 17-21
Colorado Springs, CO — Oct. 23-24
Loveland, CO — Oct. 26-28

“Meh” Joel Schumacher’s Batman meets cirque du solgay. I’m not interested. Far too cheesy. Plus, there doesn’t appear be any East Coast dates lined up, so I’m out.  I will say that Poison Ivy gets my body ready for sexual intercourse.

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