Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t yet laid eyes upon the season finale of The Walking Dead, do not read this article. Instead, go wikipedia old French military victories or the inventor of the slinky.

Who was that masked figure with the sharp blade and the intriguing pets? Fans of The Walking Dead comic book knew immediately (and some of us even squealed with delight… hola means hello) and by now non-comic fans surely must have found out that the masked walker slayer was the comic-nerd favorite, Michonne.

But who will play Michonne in season 3? Some of us have been wondering about that ever since Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman revealed that Michonne would appear on the show at some point, but apparently Kirkman felt like sparing us further speculation and spilled the beans on the Talking Dead after show. Her name is Danai Gurira.

Gurira isn’t as notable a name as S3 “Big Bad” David  Morrisey (The Governor) or as some would have surely liked (I was rooting for Rutina Wesley, aka Tara from True Blood) but she has made the rounds, guesting on quite a few shows and appearing in a few films, most notably The Visitor and My Soul to Take. Her biggest role to date is that of Jill on the HBO series Treme.

It’s not known yet what kind of role Michonne will play in the 3rd season or if she will match her comic counterpart in personality or badassery. Luckily we get to wait until the fall to find out… the FUCKING FALL!!!

Be sure to check out our review of The Walking Dead tomorrow.  

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