Batarang Really Does Work (Really)

Super hero technologies, like Spider-Man’s web shooters, Iron Man’s armor, or anything Reed Richards dreams up (curse you Richards!) are completely fictional. Obviously. However, there is one cowled hero who’s always rockin’ some real-world gear. I am, of course, referring to Batman. Kevlar suits, grappling hooks… flattering cod pieces, it’s all plausible stuff. Given enough start-up capital and adequate research facility, anyone could be batman (thank you Sheldon Cooper). Anyway, to further prove Batman’s tech is legit, here’s a video showing what an expert marksman can do with a 15″ batarang.

DC Nation – Batarang Test by shikinatural93

Did you see that? Shit just got real! Well, that’s Batman for you.

This clip actually came courtesy of Cartoon Network. They’ve been promoting their new DC Nation block with videos testing superheroe tools. In addition to the batarang, they also tested Green Arrow’s boxing glove arrow. It’s incredibly stupid, but it works! Check it out below:

DC Nation – Green Arrow’s Boxing Glove Arrow… by shikinatural93

Source: Daily Motion

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