Marc Webb, director of the new Amazing Spider-Man flick, was talking about his latest creation at WonderCon this week had some interesting things to say.  In addition to showing fans a nice juicy clip and talking about some reasons why this reboot won’t be the same as the Raimi franchise (thank God and may Sam Raimi forgive me) he also dropped some hints at what might be expected from future installments of the new run.

The first trailer for this film looked disappointingly like a preview for a free-running video game, but the newer trailers are promising some exciting character development and more traditionally-styled action as well.  The difference from what was teased a year ago and what is being shown in front of lesser movies this year is extreme.

So, what did Webb have to say about his creation?

To start, he pretty much blatantly confirmed that more movies are to follow if this one does well.  We all expected that one though, givenHollywood’s recent trend of triologizing (is that a real word?) everything.

He also said that this first film has plenty of hints as to what might be expected to come from future installments.  When asked point-blank if there were clues in Amazing Spider-Man that pointed to possible future villains, he responded with a straightforward “There are.”

Some other interesting things that he let slip (intentionally or unintentionally?) were that Oscorp Industries is mentioned and that the entire film is (intentionally on this one) filled with back-story that can be taken advantage of to provide more chapters in the future.  With so many years of Spider-Man comics, it stands to reason that there are a lot of toys to play with here and a lot of potential for some Amazing (pun intended) sequels.

What has been shown and talked about with the new film suggests that this will be a truly unique approach to the Spider-Man mythos.  Webb’s version goes deeper into Peter Parker’s back-story, including his parents, and deals with the Spidey vs. police element that is often ignored.  It also contains one Gwen Stacy (played by none other than the beautiful Emma Stone) and the snarky, wise-cracking take on Spider-Man that fans love so much.

Hopefully, fans can look forward to seeing the best Spidey flick yet and, Marvel-be-willing, the continuing adventures of one of the world’s most beloved super-heroes.

Amazing Spider-Man is set to release on July 3rd.  Considering the July 4th weekend is one of the most competitive times of the year for movies, the producers must have some serious confidence that it won’t pull a John Carter and end up smelling like an aged public toilet.


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