At this point, we’ve probably all heard about the hype surrounding Hunger Games as we’re nearing the release date and tickets are selling out left, right and center.  In the meantime, another widely-read and revered young adult novel, Ender’s Game, has started shooting for its release next year.

The official production blog is now live with its first upbeat entry.  There will probably be many more that offer us more substantial glimpses into the movie-making magic.

If you’re unable to magnify the screenshot above to read the entry yourself or you’re too lazy to click the link to read it there… here it is:

It took us all a second to realize Asa was right when he said Ender’s Game was an amazing book from “the late 1900s.” We use that phrase all the time now, like, “Clinton was President in the late nineteen hundreds!” Most of us read Ender’s Game when we were young and wondered when it would become a movie. We never dreamed then that we would all be part of the team to bring it to the screen, nor did we realize the novel’s description of our world would be so prescient that its vision would still be unfolding before our very eyes today. And now, watching Asa bring a character to life who has been on our minds since our youth, we realize things happen for a reason. We were waiting for him. Make yourself comfortable, Ender!

The film stars Asa Butterfield, Harrison Ford, Abigail Breslin, Hailee Steinfeld, and Ben Kingsley.  As for Gavin Hood directing it… we’ll see how it goes.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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