300 Prequel Gets a Release Date

The much anticipated release date for the 300 not-quite-sequel has finally been announced as August 2nd of 2013. While this release date may seem a bit early for a film that just recently finished its casting, the producers must be pretty confident that they can get it up and running by then. Considering the success of the original 300, it seems best if they weren’t in such a rush, but whatever.

The new film follows events that are taking place at the same time as the fighting in 300, though on a different front. Zack Snyder will not be directing, instead chosing to hand the reins off to the relatively inexperienced Noam Murro. Xerxes will be back for more at least, and it looks like Rodrigo Santoro will be reprising the role that made his scantily-clad body famous.

Originally intended to be an adaptation of Frank Miller’s prequel, Xerxes, the movie has since mutated into whatever it happens to be now, with the life story of Xerxes taking a back-seat to what will be presumably be more music-video styled fight scenes. Let’s hope they can recreate at least a bit of the actiony-goodness that was the first film and make it worth the ticket price.

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