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ABOVE: I can’t even find this sexy because I can’t get passed the thought of her being covered in goopy, Zombie face. It’s just gross. The bloody garter belts are clever, but still, ew. [ObvizusWinner]

Five high school students from Marin and San Francisco have teamed up to create a full Battlestar Galactica Viper simulator with 360-degree motion in all directions. First they went to a scrap yard and salvaged the fuselage of an old Piper Cherokee, into which they installed a racing seat with a six-point harness. They used Autodesk Inventor to create the frame for the motion and are currently developing the software needed to bring the sim to life.

The simulator will be equipped with three front screens, control joystick, thrusters, and a fully working cockpit simulating the one in the real Battlestar Galactica Vipers. [NerdApproved]

You need to have one skilled tattoo artist for this to come out so marvelously. Or, y’know, actual cybernetics under your skin. [Geekologie]

Think Geek’s latest Portal 2 offering is a nearly life-size inflatable sentry turret. As if you haven’t already thrown enough money at Think Geek, amirite? [TDWGeek]

Imperial Enterprises Inc. is offering C-3PO and R2-D2 figurines made from pure gold and sterling silver. C-3PO will set you back roughly $6,000, while R2-D2 runs about $1,800. If you’ve got the dough to burn, then yes, these are the droids you’re looking for. [SlashFilm]

College Humor gathered together some people who are such die-hard fans of the English wizard series that they had to have some piece of the wonderful world of Hogwarts permanently etched into their skin. Yep, the Harry Potter tattoos are out in full force! [College Humor]

Forget all that “hero of a 1000 faces” shit, this was the real moral of the entire Star Wars franchise. [The BDag]

Every Alien Easter Egg in the Latest Prometheus Trailers

io9 has a list of every Alien easter egg that can be founf in the latest Prometheus trailers.


We’ve already shared a bunch of coplay photos from WonderCon earlier this week, but why not check out this video compilation of the some of the con’s great costumes, too. Compiled by Crave Online this video’s got something for everyone, superheros, Stormtroopers, girls in tight spandax, men in impossible armor. [Geek Tyrant]

Is Mario a product of the surrealist movement? Well, it’s more likely than those video games being the true life adventures of a plumber from Brooklyn. I guess, I don’t know, maybe plumbers in Brooklyn really do have to worry about flesh-eating plants growing through the sewer system. [Laughing Squid]

If you’ve ever had to play a video game with the sound turned down then you understand how it diminishes the experience. How a video game sounds plays a big part in why the game is enjoyable. So have you ever thought about those sounds are created? Web TV channel Revision3 shares a cool behind-the-scenes video about Wabi Sabi Sound, who are responsible for creating the sounds for many of your favorite games. [Laughing Squid]


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