Happening right now is the very first Official Doctor Who Convention in Cardiff, Wales, which as you should know is where much of the filming for BBC‘s insanely popular sci-fi series takes place. Those attending are surely having one hell of an awesome weekend and all of us not in Wales are terribly jealous. Especially when we learned they’d been given an early sneak peak at a trailer for the first episode of season seven returning in the fall.

Thanks to this brave soul who uploaded a bootleg of the video, we can share in some of the excitement, too. No clue how long the video will remain available, so quick, watch it!

This trailer matches exactly with what we saw them filming in Spain and it is indeed a Western adventure. Did you pick up on any Dalek references in the dialogue? I think I did and while it is pretty hard to hear exactly what’s being said it might be a clue those rumors about visiting the ruins of Skaro are true.

What d’ya think? I’m kind of surprised they’ve got a trailer already, but I’m not complaining. Apparently an official version will be released on Monday, stay tuned!

Source: Bleeding Cool

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