Doctor Who and Co. were well on their way to spawning an entire universe of spinoffs. Unfortunately, Torchwood had an underwhelming last season when they switch to Starz for Miracle Day making their return is iffy and The Sarah Jane Adventure‘s future is unsure since the passing of Elizabeth Sladen. With Doctor Who‘s popularity surging and the 50th Anniversary next year, will a new Who spinoff happen soon?

I’m not against it. Spinoff shows happen because you think, ‘That is so good, you should spin it off’—but personally I’m relatively busy.

That’s what showrunner Steven Moffat had to say about it, and I don’t blame him. How the man hasn’t gone completely bonkers from overwork I don’t know. He was asked this at last weekend’s first official Doctor Who convention in Cardiff. After his comments, Who producer Caroline Skinner added, “you never know,” which I take to mean no spinoff may be on the table as of yet, but they’re open to the possibility.

What characters would you like to see explored more fully in a Doctor Who spinoff?

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