With the release of The Avengers a little more than a month away, the hype machine is kicking into overdrive. Today we’ve got some freshly released behind the scenes pics, news on the premier, and a cool contest that you will want to get in on. Let’s dive in.

That’s the first of the new pics from the set of The Avengers. Man does Joss Whedon wear that shirt a lot — still, the shield certainly draws the eye away from that. Mostly these pics show Whedon in “action” dynamically directing, which means he is talking to the actors — now you know why there are no director trading cards. The rest of the pics will be sprinkled throughout the rest of this story.

Avengers BTS Renner s

The Avengers premiers in the US on May 4th, but a select few will get a chance to see it a full week ahead of schedule at the Tribeca Film Festival on Saturday April 28th. The event is sponsored by Bombay Sapphire Gin and will allow the cast and crew an opportunity to meet up with a group of cops, fire fighters, first responders, and military personnel, non-make-believe superheroes that have been invited to the screening. Here’s the official announcement from Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige:

“We are proud that Marvel’s The Avengers is the closing film of this year’s Tribeca Film Festival and we are excited to welcome local heroes to the screening as special guests. We all know and love our iconic Super Heroes, but when it really counts, it’s our real-life heroes who save the world every day by making it a better place for all of us.”


The Tribeca news is truly awesome for anyone in the New York area who might still be able to attend (unlikely as that quest might be), but Epix is offering up a contest that will literally pick you up and fly you to LA, nearly three weeks ahead of the Tribeca premiere for the World Premier of The Avengers. Details of the contest can be found here, but basically the winner will get two tickets to LA, accommodations at the W Hotel, two tickets to the premier, transport to and from the airport and the premier, and a smile that won’t likely ebb anytime soon. The contest ends on April 1st, so you had better hurry up and enter.

Avengers BTS Iron Man

Avengers BTS Whedon Ruffalo

Avengers BTS Hemsworth s

Avengers BTS Whedon Jackson s

Yes kids, that is Joss Whedon directing Sam Jackson on how to be super-badass.

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