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ABOVE: For when having the internet at your fingertips isn’t literal enough. Add a meme. (Fashionably Geek)

Oooh. So that’s why he drinks so much. No one would suspect a boozy, bigwig on Madison Avenue to be the Batman. (Nerd Approved)

Illustrator Jared Sellers has taken a pair of knee high Converse sneakers and transformed them into a kick ass pair of Portal Long Fall Boots, complete with Portal orange and blue laces. I don’t know about you but I’m already throwing money at my screen because I NEEDZ THEM. (Fashionably Geek)

Feel like some lists? Good ’cause we’ve gathered three rather entertaining ones you should definitely check out:

6 Psychotic Punishments Doled Out by Famous Superheroes |Cracked

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io9 has a collection of simply awful Star Wars toys from Turkey. To illustrate just how awful these are check out the Imperial Gunner above, hard at work at his calculator station. WTF? Visit the Star Wars Collectors Archive for of these terrible toys, like Dart Vader and See-Threep.

Winning a war with only 300 men, that’s easy. Try running a company with them! (Fashionably Geek)


Remember in Mallrats when poor Willam is trying desperately to see a sailboat in the Magic Eye picture. Yeah, there isn’t one. The poor dude suffered for nothing! (TDW)

Yesterday was Leonard Nimoy’s 81st birthday! Happy Birthday Leonard! Now here’s a charming birthday song from The Doubleclicks.

The Hunger Games reenacted with Beanie Babies. I know this might sound lame, but it’s actually pretty hilarious. Nothing’s more brutal that savage Beanie Babie deaths. I’m hoping they return to adapt books two and three. (Flavorwire)

So no only will The Avengers release early in India, but they also get their own Hindi theme song! And it’s a pretty cool tune, not that I can understand any of it. (The Mary Sue)


And now, T-shirts You Gotta Buy…TODAY! (Before they’re gone!)

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