I will be completely honest, this weeks Superhero round-up is just a touch Avengers heavy. I mean, come on the movie is really just weeks away (36 days, 16 hours, 48 minutes at the time of this writing, but who’s couting), they are hyping the hooha out of it, and we have found even more we can tell you without revealing to much. No, we’re not at the point of talking about the likes and dislikes of the Key Grip (yet), we do have Joss Whedon talking about the power levels of the various Avengers, Robert Downy Jr. reflecting on working with Jon Favreau, Joss Whedon and his fellow Avengers and, even Loki’s (Tom Hiddleson) inside word on the film, just keep in mind he is the god of mischief and lies.

On top of all that? Spider-man pics and the low down on whatever happened to that other superhero team movie, some group of upstarts that call themselves ‘The Justice League’

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Joss Whedon on the balance of The Avengers:

When The Avengers hits the screen, we are going to see a rather large disparity in physical power between the main characters. When a villain gets hit by the Hulk (the sheer force of rage) as apposed to say, Hawkeye (how cute, you have a bow and an arrow) there has to be some major difference. How did director Whedon approach this?

Via Comic Book Movie: “I had to find a way to service all the characters, to figure out why they’re in the room in the first place. My biggest concern was that if I didn’t pay enough attention to minutiae then the film would become generic in its concepts and visuals. Or that I’d be so concentrated on those things, I’d look around and the film wouldn’t be about anything.” He continues,“If this guy hits someone, he falls down. If this guy hits someone, he flies backwards. Its very complicated.” 

Alright, not to again praise the virtues of Whedon being the nerd god that he is, but just reading that makes me feel as though we are in for something big and well done when this movie hits.

Loki Talks The Avengers:

Speaking of which, what did the dude that plays Loki, actor Tom Hiddleson have to say about the movie? In a word. Monumental. Speaking at the Empire Awards (where he snagged best male newcomer while Marvel’s Thor film won Best Sci-Fi) he said this:

 Robert Downy Jr. :

While I still think The Avengers will play out as Iron Man and Friends, conversely the actor who plays Tony Star almost seems uncharacteristically humble about the whole situation.

“I feel like a big brother to Scarlett. Chris Hemsworth has the whole package. Jeremey Renner is a serious actor who doesn’t take himself too serious at all. ” 

When asked about about how it was working with Whedon he had this to say:

“Perfect. During a scene, I could say ‘Is this right?’ Ten minutes later he had three pages of options for me to try.”

Does he miss his Iron Man one and two director Jon Favreau?

“He’s like a brother. You don’t know whether you can’t live without him or you want to just strangle him in his sleep. I just love the guy.” 

 Spider-man Promotion Gone Wrong.

I know, I shouldn’t lead in with my personal opinion, but wow… these promotional shots from The Amazing Spider-Man‘s Sony NEX series camera tie in just look odd, uncomfortable and, simply not right to me. What do you think?

The Justice League Movie that never was:

Image from Deviant Art User: Daniel Morpheus

The eternally doomed attempts to bring the first superteam to the silver screen continue. Hey, I am a huge DC comics fan and even I admit that it won’t happen and if it did, it’d be bad. Roll yourself back to that bygone era of 2007, when Warner Bros. was hot and heavy to capitalize on the success of Batman Begins and before they knew Superman Returns was going to be a flop. Actor Armie Hammer was signed to play a young Bruce Wayne in the doomed DC team up. He recently revealed some details to CBM, apparently it was closer to production than we ever knew:

“It was amazing as a young actor to even get to experience that kind of a budget. I think that they were talking about—I mean, this could be hearsay, who knows—but I think the budget was close to $300 million, I don’t know the specifics, but it was huge, huge to the point where I remember being down in Australia and they were just throwing money around. Just like, ‘Wherever the whole cast wants to go to dinner every night? Sure. Pay with this wad of cash.’ It was extravagant, and then to have it all fall apart was a really good reality check. It’s like, ‘Hey, nothing in this business is real. Don’t forget that.’ It’s like, ‘Oh, yeah, right, right.'”

Whoa whoa whoa, so they were already doing test shooting, and paying for the cast to eat and drink? So… how does one become a cast member of one of these ‘never going to happen’ Justice League movies…. I could use the vacation.


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