Let’s face it, in the DC Universe, if you are not part of the big trinity, you’re not much. It is always ‘Batman this’ and ‘Superman that’ and ‘check out Wonder Woman’s hooters’… Oh sure, maybe you are just as good a detective, half machine, mystically super charged or um, Booster Gold. That doesn’t seems to cut it, you’ll always be a second stringer without that big name recognition, It really has to be hard for these men, women and aliens to carve out their own niche.

Are they really your “Super Friends”? The merchants of mayhem over at Mad (the TV series seen at some point on the Cartoon Network, check your local listings) have put together this wonderful cartoon/musical that answers that.

(props for not only having everyone pre-New 52, but also having the REAL Blue Beetle and Captain Marvel!)

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