If you’re like me, you still believe the original Star Wars trilogy is the quintessential trilogy. All these prequels we had to endure were simply money grabbing fillers made by George Lucas to fill out his ever expanding wallet. Yet, fans of the series have wondered if  Dark Lord Lucas would ever get around to episodes VII, VIII and IX, the rumored “continuation” of the original universe he created.

Everyone would love to see what kind of adventures Luke, Leia and Han got into after their debacle with Darth Vader, that is if George ever got round to it. According to the man himself however, it’s going to be… “never!”

In a video posted by social gossip site TMZ , a place where nerd news is still considered a joke, one of their cameramen asked the filmmaker if he would ever get around to bringing the rebel alliance back together. Check out his Jedi-like response:

George focused his life’s work into the eventual re-releases we are now forced to deal with in theaters for the next few years and it’s showed in his work. Crafting the original Star Wars trilogy, as well as the Indiana Jones series, drained him of whatever focus he had left. One more remake and he would have probably do himself in with a lightsaber enema.

At least we have the Star Wars: Underworld TV series to look forward to in a few years. Let’s all wish George the best of luck in all his future re-releases and box-set collections.

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