This one probably qualifies as old news, but sometimes awesome news falls through the cracks, like that time that I either interviewed Jesus or had an ether hallucination.*

Travis Richey, aka Inspector Spacetime, aka pottential NBC litigant number 42, nabbed Fallout: Nuka Break director Vince Talenti to helm the now re-titled, Untitled Web-Series about a Space Traveler who can also Travel Through Time.

When last we had touched on the Inspector project, NBC lawyers had sent the New Orleans Saints to execute a bounty on Richey, should he go forward with a web-series based on the network’s COMPLETELY ORIGINAL creation about a time traveler who goes galloping through time and space in a box on crazy adventures. Man, if something like that wasn’t just a throwaway bit on Community, and instead existed as a full length show that maybe aired on the BBC, I bet I would watch that, I bet it would be damn successful and totally open to parody. Oh well… I guess we’ll never know. Alright, I’m rambling now, allons-y. That’s French for “Lets go”, I can’t recall where I picked that up.

Anyway, as you can see from the new title, Richey has made adjustments to the character and concept in an effort to not tick off the network and their lawyers.

With regard to those lawyers, I have yet to confirm that they threatened Richey with a recurring role on Whitney, mainly because it is likely just a completely made up thing that some desperate internet writer made up to increase his word count and throw that awful Whitney show under the bus one more time before it retires to the Suddenly Susan wing of the cancelled sitcom ghetto.

For more on Richey and his project, including the very successful and still very active Kickstarter, go here. For more of my ridiculousness, seek help.

*We’re setting up a PO box to receive all the hate mail I generate, until then take those letters and stick them… someplace safe.

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