Kevin Smith Says ‘Clerks III′ Will Be On Broadway?

Well, it’s been a movie, had a TV pilot, got a cartoon, then a comic… why the hell not? At a recent Q&A in LA, writer/director Kevin Smith dropped that if ever gets around to making  Clerks III, it won’t be on the big screen. It will be on Broadway! Ok… At first I thought he was  trolling, simply because he’s also recently announced he’s going to retire.

Even while watching it, I kept thinking it was just a bit. He was just pulling some funny for the crowd and being a good story teller. However, this is Kevin Smith, I wouldn’t put it past him. Still, I don’t know what to think about this, do we need another Clerks? As a Play? What do you think?

I think it is to early for this to process. I need a coffee.

Check out the video of Kevin Smith revealing his plans below.

Source: /Film

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