Community has returned after a three month hiatus that had fans freakin’ out with fear their favorite comedy was gettin’ axed. Thankfully, Community prevailed and is back where it belongs, Thursday nights at 8pm on NBC. Make sure you join us every week as we recap the continuing exploits of Greendale’s most infamous study group.

Tying things back to “Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts” in where Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) and Pierce (Chevy Chase) had hoped to open their own sandwich shop in the cafeteria, last night the brand new Subway was unveiled. Once the Dean (Jim Rash) managed to chew through the ribbon, that is. Bitter their dreams have been crapped on by corporate America, Shirley and Pierce are determined to bring down Subway by any means necessary.

Eat Fresh!

In the meantime, Jeff (Joel McHale) is still trying to grow as a person and be more than a selfish dickwad. While chatting with Annie (Alison Brie) at their lockers – wait, they have lockers? Community really is the embodiment of how insane and awesome high school could be once we’re old and jaded enough to appreciate it. Turns out all students were given lockers at orientation. What secrets could Jeff’s locker, untouched for two and half years, be hiding? Besides dozens upon dozens of flyers for Greendale’s many dances, probably all hand delivered by the Dean, Jeff received hate mail from a girl named, Kim, who, oh-so-surprisingly, thinks he’s inconsiderate.

While Annie urges Jeff to seek out this girl and apologize Shirley and Pierce begin their evil plan to destroy Subway, the shop and the man. Their secret weapon? Britta’s (Gillian Jacobs) womanly wiles. They convince her to get close to Subway to dig up some dirt. Pierce commends Britta on her whoresmanship, sorry, I mean, whoreswomanship, it is after the 90s after all, but something unexpected is happening. Britta and Subway are falling for one another.

What kind of chance does a human/corpohumanoid romance have in this crazy world!?

Not much, especially with Greendale on the brink of war. Troy and Abed have decided to make a pillow fort, it’s more difficult to make and therefor better than a blanket fort. The Dean informs them there’s the chance they could set the record for the largest pillow or blanket fort and they should strive to beat the record and put Greendale on the map. Abed wants to continue with the pillow fort because its what they had planned to do, but Troy points out a blanket fort is easier and quicker to make and they’d have a better chance at beating the record.

Sensing a divide brewing between the best friends, Vice Dean Laybourne (John Goodman) of the Air Conditioning Repair school begins to pit Troy and Abed against one another. He smartly uses the example of Inspector Spacetime and Constable Reggie, pointing out how Troy and Abed remind him of the pair, but how Reggie is nothing more than a lackie for the Inspector. We’ve already been noticing how the relationship between Troy and Abed isn’t as stable as it once was and now it’s looking like it could self destruct!

But back to Jeff and Annie, and Jeff trying to find this Kim so he can apologize. Oh wait, there’s a problem, Kim’s dead. Without a chance to apologize Jeff is spinning into a depression but Annie, ever helpful, sees a solution. Jeff can apologize to her locker. It sounds stupid, well, because it is, but the rational is that if Jeff can apologize for being an inconsiderate jerk it’ll be a step in the right direction for his recovery from douchebaggery. Jeff gives a heartfelt apology to Kim’s locker, only, Kim isn’t dead. He’s standing behind them.

Wait, what? Turns out the student who informed them Kim died was Kim himself. And he’s a dude. He sent the hate-note because he hung out with Jeff like 10 times when they started at Greendale and every time Jeff would reintroduce himself because he never bothered to remember he’d met Kim before. Probably due to Jeff thinking a guy with Kim for a name was dumb. He told them Kim was dead so Jeff could feel the pain he had felt every time Jeff didn’t remember who he was. Lesson learned, right? Nah, who’s Kim?

Britta confronts Shirley and Pierce and tells them she’s out of the espionage gig. They plant a bug on her. Later she and Subway meet in the pillow fort and things get serious, then sexy, then weird, then maybe sexy again. It’s hard to tell from the audio Shirley and Pierce’s bug picked up but regardless, it’s enough to get Subway the corporation to do away with Subway the man. And in a scene ripped straight from the pages of George Orwell’s 1984, Subway and Britta are torn apart bringing their human/corpohumanoid love affair to an end.

But the end of Subway and Britta isn’t the real heartbreak of this episode, it’s the end of Troy and Abed! Yes, the two bestest of friends are at odd as to who’s fort should be collapsed to allow the other’s to grow and beat the record. Troy’s blanket fort is clearly the favorite and even the Dean votes Abed destroy his pillow fort so the blanket fort can expand. But Abed and his pillow fort aren’t budging and once a stray pillow is thrown and takes out part of the blanket fort, war is declared and we’re left with a cliffhanger. As Troy and Abed’s forces prepare to fight you have to wonder, could pillows be the new paintballs?

Come the end of “Digital Exploration of Interior Design” Jeff tried to grow, but subsequently failed since he still has no idea who Kim is. Annie through helping Jeff came to terms with some of her own preconceived notions about gender roles since she was only pushing Jeff to apologize because she thought Kim was another woman Jeff had scorned. Britta became another victim of evil, corporate America coming so close to love with Subway and then having him ripped away from her. Shirley realized she didn’t like the kind of person all that sneaking around had turned her into. And Pierce? Well, he might be forming an unhealthy addiction pen ink.

Next week all eyes will be on Troy and Abed. What kinds of long term effects will this blanket-pillow war have on their friendship? It’s already been a rocky time for the two roommates and with their war poised to engulf the entire campus I can only imagine the outcome. And there’s an unseen enemy, Vice Dean Laybourne waiting to pick up the pieces and as he hopes, bring Troy to the Air Conditioning Repair School.

Better make sure you’re tuning in next Thursday at 8pm on NBC as Greendale goes to war!

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