Sexy Cosplay of the Week: Crystal Graziano

- 03-30-12Cosplay, Featured Posted by NickBungay

To wrap up the week in style, it’s time for an extra special Sexy Cosplay of the Week. Why is it special? ‘Cause I said so, now move on and get ready for Crystal Graziano, home grown in the U.S. of A! A Southern Californian native, Crystal knows that fun in the sun results in the 2 things: Great skin and a statuesque body. Her hard work with cosplay has paid off too, She has been sponsored by gaming company Red 5 Studios for several of her cosplay designs.

Now before you start up with “she’s getting paid, so it counts as work” Crystal was doing insane cosplay well before being sponsored. Just check out her Cammy White from Street Fighter or the skin tight Laughing Beauty from Metal Gear Solid 4, she definitely has the skills to pull it off, the pay check is just a well deserved bonus.

Hit the jump for the gallery.

Check out more of Crystal Graziano on Deviant arthomepage or her personal blog for more.

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