For the last eight years, Edgar Wright (of Shaun of the Dead fame) and Joe Cornish have been trying to peddle their script for an Ant-Man movie to Marvel Studios, only to be met with delays and ambivalence.  Now that the Avengers is set to release and the powers-that-be are running out of super-heroes to put on the screen, Wright may finally get the chance he has been waiting for.

For those unaware of who this somewhat obscure fellow is, Ant-Man was a character designed back in 1962 who had the power to change his size and control ants with a nifty helmet.  Originally the character was the alter-ego of Henry Pym, super-scientist, though the role of Ant-Man has been assumed by others since then.

For some time, Ant-Man was rumored to be making an appearance in Avengers, but it looks like that got scrapped.  Now, Wright is intent on getting his origin script into production.  The story that has been revealed so far starts with the original Henry Pym in the 60s and then makes a jump to the future to explore another incarnation of Ant-Man in Scott Lang.

Poor Wright has been working his ass off trying to get this thing going – rewriting and submitting his script on more than one occasion.  Unfortunately, Ant-Man is not exactly one of the most popular super-heroes and thus not a major priority to those with the bank roll to fund it.

In a recent interview with Bleeding Cool, Kevin Feige, the President of Marvel Studios stated in relation to the Ant-Man film:

“…we are now closer than we’ve ever been.”

With a little luck, Wright may yet see his creation hit the big screen.

Thanks to Bleeding Cool for the heads up, and we’re all looking forward to reading the full interview when you release it.

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