In another burst of reboot-fever, Universal Pictures has announced that they will be returning The Mummy franchise in a new form.  This won’t just be another mind-numbing sequel starring Brendon Fraser, nor an under-performing spin-off starring The Rock, but a complete redo that promises to take the undead legend in a new direction.

The mummy is an old soul, dating back to 1932.  Even that mummy had its share of mediocre sequels, and when the title came back for a second run in 1999, it followed suit, though with a much higher budget (and a much higher box office return).

The latest installment will be penned by up-and-coming star scriptwriter Jon Spaihts, of Prometheus fame.  Spaihts has been on the lips of producers since writing the first draft of Ridley Scott’s much-anticipated Alien prequel and has a reputation for working within the world of sci-fi.  Unfortunately, Universal will be sticking with The Mummy’s original producer, Sean Daniel, so we’ll see how that goes.

Spaihts is looking forward to putting a new spin on the The Mummy, as he recently stated in an interview:

“I see it as the sort of opportunity I had with ‘Prometheus’: to go back to a franchise’s roots in a dark, scary source material, and simultaneously open it up to an epic scale we haven’t seen before.”

With this hot, new scriptwriter putting his mind to the task, the new Mummy may turn out to be piece of quality horror.  Prometheus hasn’t hit screens quite yet, but what audiences see there is likely to be indicative of what can be expected from Spaihts future work.  Now, if only they could get Ridley Scott to direct it…


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