Whether you’ve attended a sci-fi/comic/nerd-con in recent years or even just followed online coverage, you know what they are. Big glitzy exposes packed with marketing and promotion from wall to wall, booth to booth. We’re not just talking about the big ones either, even the smaller more local ones have become extravagant media events. It wasn’t always this way.

When the geek-convention movement started in back in the late 60’s early 70’s they were small hovels of people passionate about nerd topic they collected together to celebrate. Cheap hotel conference rooms or community centers or church basements where the locals and they had a very distinct charm all their own. Harken back to this bygone era with Back to Space-Con, a documentary that chronicles a Star Trek convention (The Red Hour Festival)   from 1970.

This feature-length documentary film tells the story of the 1970′s Bay Area Sci-Fi conventions called Space-Con. Told by the original organizers and fans. Includes celebrity interviews, costume contests and over 40 minutes of rare convention footage. See the Federation Trading Post in Berkeley and very first Star Trek convention in San Francisco. A real treat for any Star Trek or Star Wars fan. Film stars Bob Wilkins, John Stanley, Ernie Fosselius, and many more.

Think of it as the anti-thesis to big name pop-documentarian  Morgan Spurlock‘s Comic-Con doc that’s on the way. Maybe I am just a sucker for the history of nerd-culture, but it looks awesome with some great vintage footage.

Would you like it if nerd conventions where a little more like this still or do you prefer lining up to line up to maybe see Robert Downy Jr’s stunt double from the back of a crowed room?

You can check the trailer out after the jump, and after you do sound off in the comments with your thoughts.

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