Check Out Two New DC Nation Clips Featuring Animal Man and Batgirl

- 04-05-12TV Posted by Sarah Moran

Cartoon Network‘s new Saturday morning cartoon programming, DC Nation seems to have been a success and it’s at least partially because of the new and inventive shorts they’ve been creating especially for the morning block. These funny shorts have featured a variety of characters from Plastic Man to Catwoman to Wonder Girl and they’ve been handled by a variety of creators like Aardman Animation and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic‘s Lauren Faust.

Check out two new clips from this coming weekend’s DC Nation. The first features Animal Man and it’s quite different from what you’ve been reading in his monthly comics, that’s for sure. The second one is another clip from a new Super Best Friends Forever and this one’s all about Batgirl.

DC Nation airs Saturday’s at 10:00am EST on Cartoon Network.

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