Though I am an avowed fan, sometimes amateur/fan/concept trailers and shorts look exactly like amateur undertakings, but the two I saw today blew my mind out my ear hole, so I wanted to share them with you.

Up first, Pac-Man: The Movie. The people at Steelhouse Digital seemed to spare no expense on this one and they have put together a high octane Pac Man adaptation that positions the hungry yellow fellow as a part of a government defense experiment. Tons of shout-outs to Pac-lore are contained within and the digital effects on this are outstanding, specifically those that occur within the “maze”.

As I said, it seemed like Steelhouse spared no expense on their Pac Man short, but on this Mega Man X concept from Olan Rodgers, only $700 left his pocket. Watch the video, then re-read that with a slack jaw. Seriously top men need to get on the task of getting Mr. Rodgers a job, TOP MEN.

Source: IO9

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