Easter is just around the corner and NerdBastards had to take a Nerdy look at the great tradition of Easter eggs. The Easter Egg hunt is great fun for kids and adults alike. Who doesn’t love finding brightly colored eggs and then putting them in a basket? “Gotta catch ’em all” is one of Nerd-dom’s greatest anthems after all.

One of the great, endearing qualities of the Nerd and Geek community is to take age old traditions and twist them, combining the tradition with charming Nerdy insights.

Below is a gallery of Nerdy, Geeky Easter Eggs that would brighten any nerdy child’s Easter Egg Hunt this weekend. Which is your favorite? If you’ve got a better Nerdy Easter Egg then post that picture to the NerdBastards Facebook wall.

One last thing . . . It wouldn’t be Easter without some Ham . . . Ham Solo that is!

Your delicious . . .

I know.

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