April Fool’s is the day that pranks run rampant, and Adult Swim pulled all the stops with their prank and brought back the 90’s. Toonami was re-animated and brought back from the dead, for a one night engagement that had the internet a-buzz! As a child of the 90’s, Toonami was by far what I would attribute to my love of anime and all the great memories of after school viewings. Not only did this April Fool’s Joke take me back in time, but it also debuted new material from TOM, Toonami’s CGI host, created just for the joke.

Now while many sat in their own versions of “The Twilight Zone” as they watched all the goodies of Toonami, others immediately voiced their joy/demands that Toonami be brought back and become a permanent member of the Adult Swim broadcast. The following are some of the many Tweets gathered from the #BringBackToonami TwitterFeed:

Initially started as a request by Adult Swim as feedback on the Toonami broadcast, it has now become a large snowball of activity that is rolling down the hill and gaining large momentum. So much momentum, that Adult Swim had to quickly respond:

So for those who got to see Toonami on Adult Swim April 1st, what’d you think of the flash from the past and of its possible resurrgence to television.

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