AMC Theaters, in an effort to make boat-loads of money, has elected to hold an event they are referring to as “The Ultimate Marvel Marathon.”  This geek test-of-endurance will feature the five original Marvel flicks leading up to the Avengers, back-to-back.

In order, the marathon will feature – Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger.  All this will culminate in a midnight showing of Avengers in 3-D.  This epic super-hero brain-melter will be taking place on May 3rd – aside from Avengers, of course.

The charge for this butt-numbing challenge?  $40.  This doesn’t, unfortunately, include the price of food, bottles to pee in so you don’t have to get up and the inevitable psychiatric visits that will be needed to recover from spamming your brain with 12+ hours in a movie theater.

But fans don’t despair!  For that $40, AMC is also providing movie-goers with a pair of nifty, limited-edition 3-D glasses.  Supplies of these are limited (or rather they wanted to offer them to bring people in, but didn’t want to shell out the cash to make sure everyone got a pair), so good luck with that.

Though “The Ultimate Marvel Marathon” is scheduled to play in 10 separate theaters, every one of them is sold out.  That’s right, nearly a month before the event, there are no more seats to be had.  Fans have spoken, and they have said “Screw my physical health!  I want to sit in an uncomfortable movie seat for an entire day!”

But before you break down in tears, let it be known that AMC is planning to add more venues to the marathon.  With 347 theaters across theUSandCanada, there’s plenty of locations to choose from.  So, if you live in a city where it’s already playing, sorry chump!  If your city is barren, you may yet have a chance to spend $40 for potential permanent eye damage.

Hardcore geeks and fans, if you really need to keep an eye on where the new marathon venues will be, check out AMC’s official marathon site for the latest.


Thanks to those at ComicBookMovie and MarketWatch for the info.

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