Simon Pegg has a Fantastic Fear of Everything

Despite the enduring brilliance of both Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, and the box office dynamism of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and Star Trek, Simon Pegg is a bit of a box office lightweight when he’s standing on his own. Paul was bland and infirm at the box office, no one saw (or had much chance to see) Burke and Hare, Run Fatboy Run fell flat, and How to Lose Friends and Alienate People… did. Still, he’s Simon Pegg, nerd royalty, and we must at least raise an eyebrow and allow our interests to be mildly piqued by anything he puts out.

The latest, a peculiar looking thing called A Fantastic Fear of Everything, centers around a children’s book author with unfortunate hair and a desire to transition to the realm of crime novels — oh yes, and he also becomes consumed by paranoia as his new project advances. The film is written and co-directed by Crispian Mills, a former lead singer for the UK indie rock group Kula Shaker, and the son of actress Hayley Mills. From the trailer, we can easily see a fascination with the abstract, and while I usually love a bit of whimsy, and while I think Pegg might play off that nicely, this is Mills’ debut, so with no track record to pull from one has to wonder if those themes are either refreshing and imaginative or faux artistic and annoyingly pretentious. So basically this could be a lot like a Terry Gilliam film, or a lot like a Terry Gilliam film.

The film also stars Paul Freeman (Hot Fuzz) and Amara Karan (Doctor Who). There is no word yet on a US release for the UK based film, though with Pegg atop the bill it will likely secure at least a small run stateside — the question is, with Pegg’s track record and the other “Cornetto” boys nowhere to be seen, will a US release really have any impact?

Check out the trailer, which is exclusive to us (and everyone else on the internet) below, and let us know what you think.

Source: CinemaBlend

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