Gandhi Will Be the Villain in ‘Iron Man 3’

Robert Downey Jr. has said on multiple occasions that Iron Man 3 will be best of the series, and maybe one of the better superhero movies that’s ever been made. That’s certainly a bold claim to make. However, there is some recent casting news which backs up this commitment to quality. Oscar-winning actor Sir Ben Kingsley is in negotiations for a villainous role.

Variety has confirmed Kingsley’s current talks for the role, while also saying “insiders” are maintaining that his character isn’t the long expected, much set-up Mandarin.

Hmm, so if not a wacky Asian with an evil set of rings (or is it the other way around), then who might the big-bad be?

Variety later stated the film will be based upon Warren EllisExtremis series. They claim:

Kingsley’s character would play a role that revolves around the spread of a virus through nanobots, given that Iron Man 3 is loosely based on Warren Ellis’ six-issue Extremis miniseries that introduced a new origin story for Iron Man and focused heavily on nanotechnology.

So, no Mandarin? That flippin’ sucks. It’s so frustrating to see the set-up in first movie go nowhere. You would think a science vs magic conflict would be a good story.  That said, I’ll watch Ben in just about anything.

Gandhi Vs Iron Man. Who ya got?

Source: Variety


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