Gary Ross Could Still Direct ‘Catching Fire’

Turns out we all jumped the gun last week when we took the news Gary Ross and Lionsgate were in the middle of heated negotiations as a sure sign Ross would not be directing the sequel to The Hunger Games, Catching Fire. Well, those negotions are set to conclude today meaning he might not be out of the franchise just yet.

The Hollywood Reporter is saying Ross is looking for more money, not an unreasonable request considering The Hungers Games owned the box office again this weekend bringing its total gross to about $450 million, and he’s concerned about the rushed shooting schedule that’s been agreed upon to free Jennifer Lawrence up for the X-Men: First Class sequel. The First Class sequel is now scheduled to shoot in January and Lawrence’s contract with Fox is the stronger claim since she made First Class before Hunger Games. That leaves only four months for Catching Fire‘s pre-production to wrap up and get ready to film, but last we heard the script for the sequel isn’t even finalized!

Ugh! All this Hollywood bullshit is giving me such a headache! I’m betting by the end of this week we’ll know the future of The Hunger Games‘ franchise. Will Lionsgate strike a deal with Ross? Can they get their sequel filmed before Fox takes Lawrence away for X-Men? Tune in next time for the thrilling conclusion of Everybody Want Lawrence in Their Movies, Lionsgate Wants Ross to Direct at the Same Low Price, and Fox Doesn’t Give a Shit ‘Cause They Know They’ll be Making Bank.

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