Vegas Enterprise Never Left Stardock

There was once a plan, way back in 1992, to construct a life-sized Enterprise in the heart of the City of Sin.  Yes, that’s right, a full-effin-scale USS Enterprise.  A fanboy’s dream, it would have been the Las Vegas attraction to end all, but alas, it did not happen.

This incredibly ambitious undertaking was proposed by Gary Goddard, who wanted to bring one of the biggest fan bases in the world to Vegas and increase the city’s (and his own) revenue.  An Enterprise-themed attraction and casino would certainly have done that, even back in 1992, but today it would have been literally loaded with devotees, ready to spend their cash, and no doubt would have become the leading center of Star Trek conventions in the world.

In addition to the visual appeal of the giant spacecraft, there would have been all the luxury accommodations that a visitor to Vegas could hope for, including a high-end crew’s lounge to feast in, reproductions of all the important onboard locations that fans would recognize and even a turbolift ride to move you between decks.  Visitors would most likely have even had the chance to be served by hot waitresses in skimpy, original-series, military mini-skirts.

Projected costs of the Enterprise replica would have beamed-in at around $150,000,000 (in 1992 dollars) – that’s some serious Nick Cage money.  Those coming into Las Vegasby plane would have seen the ship dominating the landscape, which would have instantly put it on the list of places to go.  In retrospect, it would have been one of the best financial moves in Vegas history – so what the hell happened?

When Goddard went to get the necessary approvals and licensing, he was at first greeted with enthusiasm.  But when he finally reached the hurdle of getting the okay from Paramount Studios, he hit a brick wall.  Stanley Jaffe, the head of Paramount at the time, decided that if the project ended up bombing, it was going to leave him with a taint that would stink like that of a Klingon porn star.

So, the great Vegas-Enterprise dream came to an end.  For the record, Jaffe was booted from Paramount two years later – yeah, suck it.  Goddard, on the other hand, managed to shift his ambitions to putting together “The Star Trek Experience,” which would entertain Vegas for 10 years.

Now that people understand the true power that the Star Trek franchise wields, perhaps there will be another go at this one?  Fans can only pray and dream…


Thanks to those at geektyrant for feeding us the info.

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