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ABOVE: Daphne, move aside, you’re not the only sexy gal in the Mystery Machine. This vixen Velma is cosplayed by Maria Ramos and photographed by Digital Asylum Studios. Check out FashionablyGeek for more pics.

What nerd hasn’t dreamed of being made into an action figure? Now, thanks to a service called Firebox you can have 3D version of your head printed and popped on your favorite action figure body. Want to be Batman, no problem, Wonder Woman, Catwoman or the Joker, they’re all available. Check out Firebox for more details. [NerdApproved]

I don’t think it’s possible to resist this plushi Chewbacca. First off, look at that giant head! Adorable. And when you pet his tummy, he gives a Wookiee purr! Sadly, it ain’t cheap, but I’m sure when you cuddle up with him you’ll know it was worth every penny. [SoGeekChic]

Our own Game of Thrones is far less compelling than HBO’s series. Unfortunately, the outcome could also be far more detrimental. Where’s our chick with dragons who’ll sweep in and save everything? [CollegeHumor]

Dammit Scotty! Y’know, you’re cleaning that off the transporter pad. And I’d get some gloves, it’s pretty messy. Had space tacos last night. [Nerd Approved]


It’s a fantastic and funny Game of Thrones parody full of spoilers for season one as well as everyone’s favorite scenes, Joffrey getting slapped, Dany eating a heart. Y’know, this show is really weird when you look at it out of context. I love it. [ScreenTeamShow]

Masashi Teshima spent more than 7 years and $120,000 to bring Kaneda’s motorcycle from the pages of the famous manga series into reality.  [Gengaten Otomo.]

This Hunger Games parody song by Hillywood is genius. Might be one of the best I’ve seen so far and that’s because it doesn’t star Katniss or Peeta, but rather Caesar Flickerman! Or, at least a woman in drag as Caesar Flickerman. It’s awesome, and now I’m kind of ready for The Hunger Games musical. [TheMarySue]

It’s number two of Super Best Friends Forever shorts for DC Nation. This one’s all about Batgirl. Seriously, Cartoon Network, have you not ordered this for a series yet? [TheDailyWhatGeek]

If only Dr. Pepper actually made you a superhero instead of rotting your teeth away.[ComicBookMovie]


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