People are vehemently opposed on whether the whole idea of a Before Watchmen series is a good idea or the worst idea ever. If you asked Alan Moore, you’d get a face full of spit and acid, as he thinks the whole thing is blasphemous. Of course, that’s a bit hypocritical, considered his consistent track record of using other people’s characters to make his own stories, so you could just chalk it up to the fact that he was scammed out of his copyrights.

However you cast your vote on the subject, the project is moving ahead as planned. It looks like the original covers that DC released weren’t working for them, so they’ve thrown out three new ideas. Here’s a bit of a peak at the new covers.


Cover art by Darwyn Cooke.

Release date is July 11th.

Silk Spectre

Cover art by Amanda Conner.

Release date is July 18th.

The Comedian

Cover art by J.G. Jones.

Release date is July 25th.

Personally, I like the originals, but what can you do?

Thanks to the kids at for the heads-up on this one.

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