I haven’t been a fan of The Simpsons for over a decade. The show is old and completely irrelevant to popular culture. I’m bored and completely exhausted by it. I’m honestly surprised at how it’s managed to limp along through these last few years. Suffice to say, I’m the worst person to write about news regarding The Simpson. I’d have another NB writer take today’s story, but nobody else gives a shit about it either.

Anyhow, some big news regarding the shows fictional town of Springfield has been blowing up the blogosphere. The shows creator, Matt Groening, has revealed, after nearly a quarter of a century, the true location Springfield. The town’s location has been a recurring joke, with viewers teased repeatedly by the writers of The Simpsons. But now, at long last, the mystery has been solved.

In an interview with Smithsonian magazine, the cartoonist finally reveals Springfield (pop. 30,720) is in his home state of Oregon.

“Springfield was named after Springfield, Oregon,” he says. “The only reason is that when I was a kid, the TV show Father Knows Best took place in the town of Springfield, and I was thrilled because I imagined that it was the town next to Portland, my hometown. When I grew up, I realized it was just a fictitious name. I also figured out that Springfield was one of the most common names for a city in the U.S. In anticipation of the success of the show, I thought, ‘This will be cool; everyone will think it’s their Springfield.’ And they do.”

…big news. *scoffs*

Hmmm, I should go a little easy on the specious hate. The show demands a little more respect. After all, it’s only been on for 2 decades. At one point in my life, it did bring me many laughs. Truth be told, I always did wonder where the real Springfield was. I’m a little disappointed to hear the real Springfield isn’t my Springfield.

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