The red carpet rolled out last night for the world premeire of Joss Whedon’s much-anticipated Avengers flick.  While a few select (and important) people got to be there, the rest of us are going to have to wait.

Luckily, they filmed some of it, so you can watch it for yourself.  And no, you won’t get to watch the movie for free – it’s just a bunch of people posing and looking good in clothes that cost more than your house.  And some awesome interviews with said important people, of course.

Without further ado, your Avengers fix for the day!


Or if you’d rather just crawl through a pile of photo-spam, SuperHeroHype has a nice gallery to browse.

For those of us unimportant folks, May 4th is just a few short weeks away, thank the Gods.


Props to Comingsoon for the heads up on this one.

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