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ABOVE: This is Naomi VonKreeps in her “Come to the Dark Side” photo shoot by A Rebel Photography 2012. “Come to the Darkside”? *scoffs* I already came (If you know what I mean) [ObviousWinner]

As the whole 3D printing thing becomes a ‘thing’ it’s getting interesting as people figure out what they can do with the technology. Enter the nerdery, Ammnra Creations’ Shapeways Store has a full line  of ‘paint it yourself’ nerd related rings. Take the above one inspired by the video game ‘Portal‘ and it doesn’t stop there, Assassin’s Creed and and music magicians Daft Punk also get a little love. [Geekologie]

The whole ‘sexy cosplay’ world seems dominated by the fairer sex. Here to strike back for the other side is the work of photographer Philip Bonneau. Beefcake superhero cosplay abounds over at his Etsy shop for as little as $100 bucks a pop.

While the above is just a mock-up by DeviantARTist Dynamaito it does give us a good idea of just how awesome a Street Fighter 2 style fighter based on Game of Thrones would be, granted I’d just cheap out and use the tested and true ‘block/low strike’ with Tyrion Lannister. Yeah, I play like that. [ToplessRobot]

When you think ‘sexy cosplay’ rarely does Predator come to mind. Scratch that, there is the sexy human that was brought into the fold to hunter with the alien death machines. Think of it as sort of a Dances With Wolves type story with Predators and boobs. Here’s Machiko and Predator cosplayed by Nicole Jean and Spencer [Comics Alliance]


Well, this will get embarrassing. Bethesda has announced Kinect support for the Xbox 360 version of Skyrim, including voice activation for the Dragonborn’s entire repertoire of shouts. Other voice commands include equipping weapons and magic, issuing commands to followers, looting and dropping items and quick-saving and quick-loading game files. Soon you can scream ‘FUS-RO-DAH’ at the TV and actually have it means something! [TDWGeek]

If video games were planets. Yes, you heard me. Check out this insanely well done video and play along! Can you identify all twenty video games? [Thijlkema]

Requisite ‘This is the cake you are looking for’ joke here. Come on, who out there would not want a astromech driod cake for their birthday/wedding/Friday. Here’s how to make an R2-D2 cake! [Boing Boing]

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