Batman fan videos always interest me, especially since I was there when Batman’s Night Out hit 1,000,000 views. When I say I was there, I mean that I was there.

I’d have loved to have been in Arlington Texas on the day of 7-year-old Kye’s Bat Day.  He was diagnosed with leukemia and made a wish to the non-profit organization based in Texas called A Wish With Wings.  He wanted to be Batman for a day!  And boy does this kid have great taste.  He spent the day fighting crime and apprehending the Joker and the Riddler alongside Big Batman, the police and his two friends dressed up as Robin and Bat Girl.

The day ended with a special ceremony at City  Hall where the masked crusader revealed his identity to the masses and received the key to the city for his efforts against the villains.  The organization went out of their way and collaborated with the mayor’s office, the police department and the fire department to make this day possible for Kye.

How fuckin’ awesome is that!?  Check out a recap of the day below.  It is absolutely badass.

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