Daredevil Reboot Losing Steam?

Daredevil is one of my favorite super hero characters. Honestly, whats not to like about a blind lawyer who moonlights as a vigilante?

Personally, I always thought Daredevil would make a great television series. I mean come on, super heroes and the criminal justice system… how could that not work? Anyhow, FOX didn’t see TV potential. Instead, the adapted the comic-book to the silver screen. And boy, did that 2003 film -starring Ben Affleck- suck.

Like the rest of their failed super hero films, FOX is planning a reboot. Well they were…

David Slade (the man Fox chose to helm their Daredevil reboot) has informed everyone that not only is the Daredevil reboot ways away from being made, but that the he seems to be losing interest.

Super hero based films are dominating the box office. With film execs being the most paranoid schitzos around, you’d think the guys at FOX would one to push this along.

I for one, am glad this is being stalled. FOX just do not know how to make a Marvel property the way Marvel can. I like character far too much to sit through another suffer-able adaptation.

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