This summer sees the release of the conclusion to Christopher Nolan‘s gritty, “realistic” take on Batman with The Dark Knight Rises. I put realistic in quotes because, well, when your main character is a billionaire who dresses as a bat to fight crime as a night time vigilante you’re already being pretty loose with the word, realistic. But his films have been a big departure from previous films of the franchise helmed by Burton and Schumacher. Less campy, less fantastical with a focus on trying to adapt these characters to exist in a world more like our own. For example, his Joker didn’t have his skin bleached by falling a in vat of acid but he was no less insane and terrifying. So whether you’ve been a fan of Nolan’s direction or not, everything’s ending this summer. No more sequels, no more Christian Bale Batman. This has led Mark Hughes over at Forbes to wonder, what’s next for the Caped Crusader?

Maybe he’s jumping the gun a little bit, I mean, The Dark Knight Rises won’t release for another thirteen weeks! But make no mistake, Warner Bros. is likely already thinking about who they want in charge of the next phase of Batman movies, and maybe we should, too. Here are the directors he thinks are likely on WB’s list: Ben Affleck, Duncan Jones, Nicolas Winding Refn, Guy Ritchie, David Yates, Neil Blomkamp, Mathew Vaughn, Rupert Wyatt, Zack Snyder and Darren Aronofsky.

Okay, I’ll let the mixed responses of outrage, glee, and dumbfounded-ness subside first.

I said this was a list of likely directors, not who Hughes thinks should direct. Though he adds at the end, “This is not my list of personal preferences, FYI — although I’d be fine/happy with anybody on this list — so remember this is a list of directors I think will probably be offered the job.”

You’ve just got to read his entire article because he gives solid explanation as to why any of these guys would be up to the task and why they’d likely deliver something great. I too would be content with just about anyone here, even Ben Affleck who Hughes points out has directed both Gone Baby Gone and The Town which have both garnered a lot of positive response. I think Duncan Jones and Neil Blomkamp would be interesting choices because they’re known for making smaller, lower-budget movies that pack the same punch as big-budget, Hollywood spectacles but I wonder if WB would trust them with such a holy property.

It’s an interesting topic to ponder, that’s for sure. When it comes to superhero flicks all WB really has is Batman and Superman and you just know they’ll be looking to reboot Batman soon after Nolan’s franchise wraps up. Could we see them begin to plant the seeds for an eventual Justice League movie? Now would be the time since Marvel’s already done such a bang up job building their movie universe, culminating in The Avengers. Of course I’d also like to see WB step away from Superman and Batman for a while and delve into any of the other hundred DC characters just aching for a big screen adaptation. Yeah, I know Green Lantern kind of flunked, but I hope they don’t see that as audiences not wanting new and different superhero movies.

So bastards, what do you think? Who would you pick as the next director for whatever new adventure awaits Batman? What do you think about now being the time to start the Justice League movie? Are there any directors on the above list you would hate or love to see get the gig?

Source: Forbes via CBM

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