The story of Halo is one that just keeps going and going, and with good reason.  This series gained such popularity that it became iconic in the world of Xbox gamers.  No doubt Microsoft and 343 Industries will continue to turn out sequels until the Halo Franchise gets bumped by some hotter, more innovative title or until they create an ending to the game that angers and alienates their fan base.

Until then, it’s onward Halo!  The latest installment, Halo 4, just got an official release date of November 6 of this year, which means fans don’t have long to wait to get another chance to play gun-tag with Master Chief.

In a recent press release from the overlords at Microsoft and 343 Industries, they had a few things to say about what to expect from the next chapter.  First of all, Halo 4 is to be set four years following the third game and will feature Master Chief (as always) coming back to fight an evil that threatens the universe.

Halo 4 is supposedly the start of a completely new arc which 343 will be using across future installments.  So, needless to say, they don’t plan on stopping work on the franchise anytime soon.  Also, Microsoft’s corporate VP had a bit to say about how awesome the game is going to be, how cool the Xbox is and how fans will worship at their feet (last part implied, of course).

If you happen to be reading this on time, there’s an added bonus:

Conan O’Brien is doing a special Halo segment on his show tonight to celebrate the release date being announced!  This might be worth watching (personally, I love the Conan), so tune in if you get the chance:

“Conan”, TBS, 11pm Pacific / 10pm Central.

Check out Conan’s website for more info.


For the full press release, cruise over t0 Comingsoon.

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