‘Prometheus’ – David’s Birthday Video

Confession time  . . . this NerdBastard wasn’t excited about all the Prometheus hoopla going around. Yeah, I love the Aliens franchise but without Ripley, I just couldn’t get excited and I’ve skipped a lot of the marketing stills, videos, and such.

I wrote a couple of posts, but I was pretty much just pulling a “When Harry met Sally, your the best baby!” Going through the motions to get my daily posts in. Then this Happy Birthday David video gets my attention.

Michael Fassbender’s portrayal as David has left me speechless. The entire video has an underlying feeling of foreboding that has re-energized my desire to check this movie out. Androids, (excuse me) Artificial persons have made a lasting impression and impact on the Aliens franchise, Ash, Bishop, and Call have pretty much stolen the show in this NerdBastard’s opinion, and now we have David.

Prometheus comes out June 8, 2012.

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